Chillingham Trip

Last Friday, Chillingham class got to go to their namesake's castle and boy, was the weather on our side. 

The castle is known for being the most haunted castle in Britain. 

Learners and staff had a great time exploring the castle and dungeon for some of ghouls that haunt the hallways as well as looking at all the amazing artefacts that the estate has collected over the years. The learners loved playing hide and seek in the beautiful gardens and trying to convince the teachers to use the ancient torture devices to see if, ‘they still worked.’ Luckily, the stocks were in use for any children in need of a time-out but, in the order of fairness, they got to return the favour. All in all, it was a great trip with lots of fun, laughter and learning.

Oh, and if you look closely at the photos, you might spot some of the castle's ghostly residents.