Extra Curricular Activities

At the Lower Site, we strive to offer high-quality opportunities and activities outside the main curriculum. These activities are an individualised, exciting feature of our learners' experience of life at the Lower Site. They also contribute enormously to our learners’ social, emotional and academic development. We believe all our learners should experience success in as many aspects of school life as possible and the extra-curricular activities are designed as a tool to enable this realisation.

There is a broad range of extra-curricular activities on offer to meet the individual needs of all learners. These activities including arts, sporting provision, cooking and team building activities. We also offer learners the chance to experience learning in different settings, to visit educational venues linked to different curricular and cultural areas and to broaden their world experiences by providing visits such as the circus and the theatre.

To ensure that no child is disadvantaged, the school ensure that all transport is provided. This approach enables all learners, regardless of their background, to be able to participate fully in all extra-curricular activities.