Homework is a key part of making learners more proactive and self-sufficient in assessing and controlling their own learning. It is intended to increase learners’ autonomy and organisational skills.

Parents and carers can play a key part in homework.

Frequency of homework

  • KS2 English, Mathematics and spelling every week
  • KS3 English and Mathematics every week, spelling where appropriate

In addition to the above KS2/KS3 will receive project-based homework from non-core subject areas on a half termly basis and should be completed by the end of each half term.

Tips for Parents

  • Keep a designated homework area at home.
  • Help keep a routine for your child when they come to do homework.
  • Praise and encourage your child to help boost their confidence.
  • Refrain from completing your child’s homework for them.
  • Use the after-school homework club
  • Don't get stressed out by homework - if you are, your child will be too.
  • If you have any worries please contact us.

Useful Websites

In the useful links area there are websites which may be useful in engaging your child in learning at home.