At Trinity we recognise that being able to read is a key life skill. Therefore, we make reading an absolute priority. We believe that every teacher should be an advocate for reading and so we are devoting time to training staff, so they are fully equipped to support the teaching and enjoyment of reading. Reading has to be taught and encouraged just like any other area of the curriculum and this is why reading is an explicit lesson on our timetable at the lower site.

Last year, we saw amazing progress in reading: 80% of KS2 learners made progress in reading, 83% of KS3 learners made progress in reading and 62% of learners made progress in phonics. The corelation between reading and achieving more highly across the curriculum is clear. We are determined to strive for reading excellence. You can support us in your child's reading journey. We would love to involve you in ensuring that the culture of reading in school extends into the home. We will be in touch about some reading sessions for parents. In the meantime, if you wish to discuss your child's reading, please DO get in touch.