The Invisible

Bamburgh Group have been reading and working with the book ‘The Invisible’ by Tom Percival.  It is a moving and powerful story that shines a light on those who feel invisible in our world - and shows us that we ALL belong.

When Isabel and her family fall on hard times they have to leave their home and move somewhere cheaper. Isabel finds nothing familiar in her new surroundings and she begins to become invisible to everyone. But a miracle happens and when she's invisible she can see all the other overlooked people and she pitches in and helps them and brings a great change to her new neighbourhood. There is sadness in this story but also great hope and at the end of it all it's about making the best of your situation and being a force for positive change. It's a wonderful book with a message we can all learn.

Here is a poem inspired by Bamburgh’s reading of the book: The Invisible By Bamburgh  

I felt invisible when people wouldn’t play dodgeball with me,
It felt like I was being washed out at sea. 

I felt invisible when my siblings got all the attention,
The whole time I felt like I was in detention. 

I felt invisible when I left for foster care,
I felt like a lost teddy bear. 

I felt invisible when I was at mainstream,
All day every day I wanted to scream. 

I felt invisible my whole life you know,
I felt like I was drowning in snow. 

I felt invisible on my first day of my new school,
I felt like a fool.  

I felt invisible when my teachers didn’t notice me,
I’ve finally found the school for me, it is called TRINITY.