Mount Vesuvius | Dear Diary

Remote Learning Legend! Well done Kai for this amazing diary entry of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD.

Dear Diary,

What an unforgettable day! I was busy collecting water from the well when the sun suddenly disappeared from the sky! I looked up and saw a plume of ash and smoke above Mount Vesuvius!

As I looked up there were people rushing past me at an incredible speed, hoping to escape this soon-to-be wasteland, however had pushed me onto the ground just as I was looking up, and then I saw it! The horrifying, terrifying doom that we were soon going to feel face-to-face as it was approaching fast and I had to run, but the water was too heavy! I had to drop it and run, we had to find water elsewhere now as I theorized that the ash would cover the wells as well, and for a while, we could not go back there due to most people sneezing every single time! That bit may be funny, but I assure you, reader, that this is not hilarious at all.

I felt like we were all going to be covered by the ash, and the smoky ash was surprisingly heavy! We had to run and leave behind most things, some brave people did not make it, unfortunately. I would never wish this horrible fate even upon my worst enemies! This was truly terrifying, and we could not do anything to stop this.

Suddenly, it had stopped, and we thought all was well until the ash came gliding down covering many and crushing others, then we were frightened for our lives and could almost never go back there, there was even one brave person that went towards the mountain, and he was one of the first to die to the ash, unfortunately. “We must make sure that this never happens again!” someone said, forgetting that this is sadly natural, however, Mount Vesuvius collapsed in on itself. We were safe at last and it was truly a miracle!