How we Change as we Grow | PSHE

During PSHE lessons, Group 2 are looking at how we change as we grow. The group all brought in a photo from when they were a baby or a toddler and we discussed the changes. We talked about how we have physically changed such as growing taller, hair is longer, hands are bigger and shoe size has increased. We then moved on to discuss the social changes and how the way in which we have communicated has changed. When we were little, we used to use crying and sounds to communicate what we want. Now that we are older, we are able to communicate through talking. One student noted that when we were younger, we all relied on our parents much more. We discussed the life cycle and how that our parents look after us when we are young, and we usually end up looking after them when we are old. We listed a whole host of skills that we might have acquired such as football, playing video games, problem-solving and riding a bike, all things that we couldn’t do when we were little.

We discussed how changing was normal, not only physical changes but social and emotional changes.