Group 5 have recently visited the Northumberland village of Stonehaugh. Located in the peaceful and wonderfully remote west border of the county, the village was originally created to house the forestry workers for the nearby Wark Forest. Our group experienced the unique artwork installed in the village in the form of three standing totem poles, before embarking on their forest and moorland walk.

Due to the recent wet weather, the paths on the walk were very muddy. The whole class relished the opportunity to test their balance and coordination skills, whilst negotiating the path, and some even decided the most fun was gained by jumping into muddy puddles. The map reading was particularly difficult in the forest, where learners had very few visible points of reference to locate themselves off. With determination, the learners managed to plot a course eastwards to form a loop back across the Pennine way and then for the bus and back to school. It was a very rewarding day, if not a little tiring!