Holy Island

KS3 recently had the opportunity to visit one of our region’s most spectacular destinations. The island of Lindisfarne is cut off from the Northumberland mainland at high tide, and so we had to take extra care when planning our trip that we were going to be able to get back across at the end of the day. Whilst the small island is known for its historical and tourist hot spots, it is also a fantastic nature reserve and a brilliant place for our learners to explore.

We began with a quick march over to the huge beach on the north part of the island. Learners used their maps and sense of direction to take themselves from the minibus parking, through the maze of dunes and spikey grass, to reach the vast unspoilt expanse of sand. They then plotted a course east, along the beach, to have lunch in the dunes, before setting off for a quick tour of the historic village.